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Sensor Lighting

Discrete sensors can automatically illuminate your lights when motion is detected, for security purposes outside, or convenience and energy savings inside.


View your home security cameras and control the pan, tilt and zoom functions on your iPad, from anywhere in the world. Automation brings peace of mind.

Time Driven Schedule Events

You may want your home to react to sunset or sunrise by automatically raising & lowering blinds and switching lighting scenes. All made possible through home automation.

Automatic Awnings

An intelligently designed automation system can automatically lower your awning shades when it's most needed, helping you to save costs in cooling the home. Help boost your home's energy efficiency rating with automated louvres and blinds used to keep the home cool by reacting to external temperatures and direct sunlight.


For convenience and security, controlling your home's lighting is the perfect introduction to automation. Remove the confusion of multiple switches and set the ambience with intelligent lighting scenes.

Distributed Audio

We understand that you should be able to listen to your music all around the home without speakers intruding on the living space. Now you can, using architecturally designed ceiling speakers with no compromise to sound quality.

In Wall Touch Screen

Total control at your fingertips; from changing the temperature, raising the blinds, setting a lighting mood or picking your favourite track from iTunes, all through a simple, intuitive touch screen interface.

Automated Concertina Doors

An intelligently designed automation system can automatically lower your awning shades when it's most needed, helping you to save costs in cooling the home.

Irrigation Control

Automation brings your irrigation system in to the 21st century by controlling its behaviour depending on the amount of recent rainfall.

Home Entertainment

No longer will you have to make sense of all those remote controls on the coffee table; now you can watch your favourite TV channel or movie with ease using the simplest of control interfaces on your iPad.

Keyless Entry

Finger Swipe Imagine never needing to remember your keys again. Gain entry to the house by scanning your finger print. Receive an email or SMS notification every time someone enters your home. Find out more about security.

Pool Temperature Control

Now you have access to your pool controls from your mobile phone, so you can set the correct temperature from the office ready for your return home.

Temperature Control

Before leaving the office, pre-warm your home by pushing a single button on your mobile device and automatically switch off when the house is unoccupied, saving dollars on your energy bills.



A great solution for keeping your iPad charged and at hand.


Do you, or do you not want to see your speakers?


You’ve all heard of 1080p, right? What about 4K?