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Driver News: It's been two great years!


As a leader of home integration technology, Recluse AV are at the forefront of driver development for Control4. Initially created to satisfy a requirement for drivers for our own projects, we quickly realised there was demand from other integrators for these products. After launching a dedicated drivers website, two years ago, we are proud to have 20 drivers available for sale and over 1000 dealers reselling these drivers into Control4 projects all around the world.

A Control4 driver is a module designed to integrate a third party product or service into the Control4 home automation system to expand its functionality. Some of our most popular drivers improve Control4 by adding smarts such as dynamic text to speech announcements, these can notify the home owner of a range of things from the weather forecast to the status of their security system.

We have developed notification drivers that will email or push-notify you on events occurring within your home. This can include emailing a snapshot from the security camera at your front door when your doorbell is rung. We have also integrated high level biometric devices and developed media player drivers that automatically manage your movie libraries within Control4.

The usage scenarios for our drivers really are limitless. Contact us to find out more about how we can customise your Control4 system, or how you can become a dealer for Control4 drivers.