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Driver News: Text to Speech Driver

The Recluse AV text to speech driver for Control4 integrates 3rd party web based text to speech engines into Control4 to be used alongside the Control4 announcement agent. This provides dynamic text to speech generation of announcements including variables such as temperature or even emails.

Eg “Good morning Alan. Today’s forecast is sunny with a maximum of 23 degrees. You have 1 new email from Jason.”

In this case there would be 4 variables included from 2 supporting drivers. Sunny, 23, 1 and Jason would all be variables which you would reference in the programming.


  • Dynamic text to speech generation
  • Variable insertion into announcements
  • Compatible with Recluse AV’s suite of drivers
  • Compatible with 3rd party drivers
  • Compatible with Control4 variables
  • Composer Home Edition Friendly