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New product release by Dynalite sure to prove popular

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Philips Dynalite is a lighting control system developed in Australia offering lifestyle advantages, environmental benefits and unified control.

A number of the staff here at Recluse AV recently completed Dynalite training held by Lightmoves Pty Ltd which included an update on exciting additions to the Dynalite range including the attractive Antumbra switch panels.

Dynalite can maintain light levels within your home or office whilst minimising energy usage by harvesting daylight. This works by strategic substitution of artificial light with natural light, dimming lights that are not required based on the amount of daylight entering the space, this can obviously achieve considerable energy savings.

Do you want the light to come on at a dim level during the night? Would you like to turn off all the lights in the house with a single button press? Perhaps you want to automatically turn on specific lights when you come home. All of this and more can be achieved with a Philips Dynalite system.

Combine your Dynalite system with one of our Crestron, Savant or Control4 home automation systems and we can then expand your Dynalite system to do anything. For example have a fully automated home cinema that will automatically dim the lights, open the curtains and turn on all your AV equipment with a single button press.

One of the nice features of the Antumbra switch panels is a built in proximity sensor which turns on a subtle halo of light around the switch panel when you approach, giving you the attractiveness and convenience of an illuminated switch panel without it being an annoyance when you are trying to sleep or watch a movie.

Dynalite systems are extremely scalable and can be installed in the smallest house all the way up to the largest building. In fact the Burj Khalifa, which is the largest building in the world, has Philips Dynalite installed throughout.

As a Philips Dynalite Dimension Dealer we are your primary contact that you can rely on for all your integration needs. Contact one of our solutions engineers for more information.