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What's going on in the lab?

At Recluse AV we spend a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology. Many of this technology does not exist and as such when we have a bright idea we invest in the resources to make it happen.

So what are we working on? In the Recluse AV lab we are spending our energy developing technology that will further enhance your automated home experience. Lately there has been a tremendous demand for energy monitoring solutions and voice controlled solutions. As such we are happy to introduce to you the two projects that we are working on.

Project Jarvis

Project Jarvis, named after Tony Stark’s (Ironman’s) computer which runs his home and suit of armour, is an ambitious project where we will attempt to create software that will enable voice recognition in any Control4 home automation system. Unlike other projects it is designed in a way where you don’t need to predefine key phrases. The software will reverse engineer your system to determine what capabilities it has, the state of each device or sensor and hopefully what media you have access to in your library. The software will allow vocal input from various devices/platforms whether it be mac, pc, linux, android or siri on ios and provide feedback to the device. Commands and queries such as ‘Control4 what is my current power usage?’, ‘Control4 is my garage door open?’, ‘Control4 turn the lights on in the study’ or ‘Control4 play Bon Jovi in my backyard’ will bring your home one step closer to the home of tomorrow.


Project Energy Conservation

Currently Control4 have only one energy solution which is available in the US. Project Energy Conservation is a project that will bring energy monitoring and automation to new and existing Control4 jobs around the world. We have chosen to utilise the Current Cost EnviR CT Clamp based monitoring solution due to its ability for retrofit in existing homes. Just add in the CT clamps to your switchboard and it will wirelessly talk to the Current Cost monitor available within your home. Our solution requires no subscription and all data is housed within Control4 with web based monitoring, backup/restore functionality directly from within Control4. A Control4 4store application is being developed as well so you will be able to monitor your usage from any Control4 touchscreen, onscreen user interface or web browser.

If you wish you can program your system so that if power levels reach a pre-determined set point your home will automatically adjust itself to ensure that your energy usage is kept to a minimum. Lights will dim down, thermostat set-points will shorten and un-necessary services will be switched off.


Got any cool ideas? We would love to hear from you via facebook or twitter.