Blog Lab : Control4

Driver News: Ness/Elk M1 Security Panel

Our Ness/Elk M1 driver for Control4 offers full integration with the security panel so that you can expand your automation features to new levels. For example having your system trigger off diferent lights or music depending on the person who disarmed the system or perhaps displaying a message on your security keypad to remind you to pick up the kids from school. The possibilities are endless.

Driver News: Virtual 6 Button Keypad

Recluse AV is a leading Home Automation Integration business that specialises in Control4, Crestron and Savant Home Automation Systems.

Our Virtual 6 Button Keypad driver and java application for Control4 provides a simple user interface that the Control4 consumer is familiar with around his or her home. This application is designed to simulate Control4′s keypads both visually and functionally which offers control over any device in the control4 system with simulated LED feedback. Available for PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone and iPad.