Our approach

System Design

Taking the time to properly design a system plan is the first step in ensuring your home automation does what you need, in a way that works with your lifestyle. Establishing detailed designs at the start of your project will help save you time and money and make sure you’re getting the most out of the technology in your home. Neglecting this process can potentially cause you unnecessary delays and cost you money.
Our Systems Designers can work with your architect or builders’ plans to identify areas where integration features would be beneficial to the way you operate your home. They will then produce wiring maps and designs for your builder and electrician to work from.
Ensuring your system is correctly designed before you start work will reduce inefficiencies during installation, identify potential issues and allow for proper planning to minimise delays.
Our Solutions Team is available to discuss your requirements and evaluate the best possible options for your home.

Project Management

With extensive knowledge in system design, electrical and programming requirements, our Project Managers’ skills extend beyond the traditional role of Project Manager. This in-depth knowledge makes them adept at coordinating contractors and external suppliers, as well as being a valuable resource for architects and builders.
Given the complexity of these projects our Project Managers’ strive to minimise disruptions to our clients through careful allocation and management of resources.
We know a successful project is all about good communication, detailed documentation and exceptional time management.

Architectural & Interior Design

Ever wondered when looking through all those stylish design magazines and wonder who makes those awesome spaces come alive … we do!
Our design team loves a challenge and will ensure that all of the elements you want to celebrate are brought to life through thoughtful use of colour, form and space, while all of the stuff you don’t want to see is hidden within cleverly designed furniture.

Furniture Design & Manufacture

We have really big machines and a keen joinery team that know how to use them.
Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean you don’t need to work with multiple suppliers and ensures that we have complete control over your entire joinery installation…not just the equipment.

Full System Integration

We’re often told “I’m no good with technology” or “it’s all too complicated”, but the reality is the modern home is full of technology that we use every day. Our skill lies in combining the control elements of that technology, automating functions where possible, and providing an intuitive single user interface.
Our Integration team is extremely qualified, very experienced and really enjoy a technical challenge. It’s their job to get it right, to take the plan and make it work, through meticulous planning, some impressive cable management and quality workmanship.

Installation & Calibration

The correct installation and calibration can make all the difference to the way your equipment sounds and operates. Our installers will ensure your equipment is installed in the right place and in the correct way, so it works properly and is easy to access should it require maintenance or updates.
Calibration takes experience and know-how and our team are experts. They’ll take time to ensure that it sounds fantastic and looks amazing and that once they’ve left you’ll know how to operate it!
We also offer bi-annual service plans, we’ll remember to look after your equipment so you don’t have to. Ask us how to sign up.

Client Support

Our support doesn't just end when the job is done, we’re always available if you have a question or an operation query. We pride ourselves on being part of the solution, so if you have a problem please call us.
Our service technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and always eager to solve the problem, even if we didn’t install the system originally. Our expertise covers a range of systems, including Control4, Crestron, Savant, Dynalite, Lutron.
Call us on 03 8695 9692 or email us at enquiries@recluseav.com.au