Albert Park

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Future Fit Period Home

The client’s home was a Victorian Terrace in a heritage area. The scope was focused on keeping the original character of the residence while integrating high-end audiovisual equipment and extensive automation features. This involved integration of environmentally sustainable solutions such as solar panels and minimising power use throughout the house.

The scope included joinery design and manufacture which transitions from inactive furniture, in keeping with the aesthetic character, to the display and operation of audiovisual equipment. The technology is invisible and closely matches the natural lifestyle of the client to ensure it was intuitive and simple.

Overall, the project encompassed our company’s full suite of products and services.

The presence of automation within the home is subtle and the character of the building remains the focus. Equipment is hidden within custom in-house built joinery. The library conceals speakers and a plasma panel by use of four automated lifts that move shelves of books to reveal the media room configuration when required.

The main equipment rack, though presented smartly, is hidden behind ‘faux’ books to match the rest of the library and these open to allow the rack to slide forward and rotate on rails for access to the equipment.

The entire house is automated with distributed audio throughout, lighting, irrigation, security, cameras, and keyless biometric entry. There are 3 AV Systems with simple operation from a single interface accessing music, movies and photographs. The feature piece of the staircase is a custom designed and manufactured stained glass window that is equipped with automated blinds that block out the light.

Importantly, the stained glass is then illuminated at night between the closed blinds and glass to create the illusion of sunlight and maintain the light effect through the glass, which looks stunning. Skylights throughout the house are also automated to take advantage of temperate weather conditions which allows for airflow and reduces heating and cooling power consumption.

The skylight is 6m x 2.5m so without this solution the house could overheat very easily.

The home is highly secure. It includes monitored security system, very few entry points to the home, all of which are monitored, access controlled and observed and recorded using CCTV. Randomised and smart ‘away-from-home’ scenes make the house feel occupied.

We undertook a complete rewire of the house which involved extensive chasing into the solid double brick internal walls.

By way of contrast, a home that once had only one telephone point to the kitchen and mains power,now delivers an extensive cabled and wireless network,intelligent scene driven lighting, audio to every room, three systems dedicated to high-end audio visual, and, free-to-air and Foxtel television in bedrooms and living areas.

The construction of the house meant that our wireless networks would encounter significant difficulty so network design was a critical element in the robustness of the system.

Our next challenge involved integrating the systems that would manage the environmentally sustainable solutions, including the 3.2 MWh pa solar panel system, the extensive grey water network, and climate control measures.

As a result of the client’s desire to minimize energy use, we designed and commissioned solutions to minimise the number of devices consuming power at any given time.

After overcoming the physical constraints associated with the building’s construction and satisfying the client’s environmental requirements we were faced with tailoring the system to suit the needs of clients who were unfamiliar with automation.

This meant that the integration and operation of the devices for automation, security and access control had to be simple, intuitive, robust and remotely accessible.

The project encompassed design, detailed documentation, joinerymanufacture, high-end equipment, detailed calibration, complete automation, extensive programming, and involved the integration of specialist elements such as solar panels, stained glass skylight automation and moving bookcases. All of the work took place under a tightly managed project schedule and the client was able to achieve energy savings past those that the system naturally provided.

We feel the project clearly delivered on the project brief and scope. We were able to take a beautiful home with all of its heritage character and integrate standard and unique features that brought the functionality of a smart home.

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